Taxidermy Tree PangolinTaxidermy Tree PangolinTaxidermy Tree PangolinTaxidermy Tree Pangolin

Taxidermy Tree Pangolin


Latin: Manis tricuspis

Size: Approx. 10cm x 58cm x 17cm

Description: Victorian taxidermy specimen of a Tree Pangolin in complete, original condition. Also known as a White-bellied or Three-cusped Pangolin.

The Tree Pangolin can walk it's hind legs using its prehensile tail for balance. When swimming, it is known to fill it's stomach with air before entering water to aid in buoyancy.

Sadly, the Tree Pangolin is subject to widespread and often intensive exploitation for bushmeat and traditional medicine. Conservationists believe this species has undergone a decline of 20-25% over the past 15 years. They assert it continues to be harvested at unsustainable levels in some of its range and have recently elevated its status from "Least Concern" to "Near Threatened".